Taste the Rainbow!

I got the idea for this post because its Pride Month! I’ve been seeing rainbows everywhere and it got me thinking about how I could use Pride Month to inspire my blog post.

Surprisingly, the colour of your fruits and veggies matters! The brighter – the better! Instead of a boring list, I found this fun info-graphic to lead you through the benefits of each colour of fruit and vegetable.

Do you notice that you eat more of one colour than the rest?


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  1. maragiar1 says:

    Awesome post !!


  2. tansyko says:

    Great post. I normally eat all the colours but I think green is my main choice of veggies and red for fruits.

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    1. I actually have such a hard time eating greens! I find them to be sooooo bitter! I LOVE red veggies! (And fruit too of course!)


      1. tansyko says:

        I put a lot of garlic and salt on my greens.

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