Probiotics – what’s the hype?

Probiotics are good bacteria that your body needs. Our bodies are full of good and bad bacteria. We lose good bacteria when we take antibiotics and we need to always make sure our good and bad bacteria are balanced.

Good bacteria is essential for proper gut health. Probiotics help send food through your gut by affecting nerves that control gut movement.

In addition to gut health, researchers are convinced that probiotics also aid with other parts of the body like your skin, oral health, urinary and vaginal health, and more. Some researchers are even convinced that a healthy gut relates to our mental health.


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  1. machaj07 says:

    ahaha this is timely at our house- my huband’s burst appendix put him on some pretty strong antibiotics which leave you with a um, not great gut! So we are currently working on getting his gut health back via probiotics! We bought some of the Bio K+ probiotic drinks they sell at pharmacies and come in a few flavours. I tried a sip and in strawberry it’s not bad. We figured it’s worth trying to boost his good bacteria this way rather than just regular yogurts. Here’s hoping! haha Antibiotics are great but when they take away your good gut bacteria, it leaves you with some er, issues to deal with! 😛


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