Gluten-Free with Ease?

I took some time to really think about what barriers keep people from trying/staying gluten-free, and realized that there are quite a few. I’ve listed the top barriers to a gluten-free lifestyle that I have experienced personally and would be willing to bet are quite relate-able for my readers. I’ve also included some tips for overcoming these barriers.


We all enjoy eating out at restaurants with friends, but those of us who have tried to be gluten-free have probably noticed that it can be a challenge. While many restaurants have gluten-free options labelled, some do not. Good things to look for on a menu are non-breaded meats, and swapping any potentially glutenous side dishes for things like salads, soups, or veggies. An example would be chicken breast with a side of rice instead of fries. Some restaurants offer substitutions like gluten-free pizza crust and gluten-free pasta, which really opens up your options.

Snacking at Work

I need snacks throughout the day, and aside from fruit and veggies, I sometimes feel like there is nothing that I can eat that is gluten-free…. which is NOT true. (It’s just me being a whiner!)

While fruits and veggies are definitely a good option, they can become tiring. I enjoy keeping a variety of nuts in a container in my desk drawer for when I crave something crunchy. Another great thing to try is making your own granola bars with gluten-free ingredients! It’s quite easy! Don’t forget that yogurt makes a great snack with some gluten-free granola when you want to feel like you’re having a treat!


Time is a factor because we all have days when we just DON’T have time to think ahead and pack a lunch. That’s okay! The best thing to do is to not stress and not “throw in the towel” for the day. Something quick like a morning smoothie is a great and QUICK way to get a gluten-free breakfast in and fuel your day. For lunch – go buy a salad! Otherwise, usually dinner leftovers are a great option if you have any left.


Ah – the biggest complaint I have about gluten-free food…. COST! It seems unfair that trying to be healthy comes at such a high cost. My biggest tip is to remember – anything with the label of being “gluten-free” will be priced at a premium. There are a TON of foods that naturally do not contain gluten that you can choose from. Always read labels. For example – rice noodles are gluten-free! Make yourself a pad-thai for dinner and you’ve just created a crave-worthy meal that naturally has NO gluten. Don’t make it difficult on yourself. My other tip is to buy in bulk. Costco always has gluten-free snacks and because they come in bulk form, you can usually get a good amount for your money.


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