Green Tea for Me!

While I love my orange pekoe tea and the occasional double double coffee… I know those aren’t the best choices when you want something to drink later in the day (and have already had a cup or two!). I never used to enjoy green tea, however I’ve learned there are many different variations to choose from – so there really is something for everyone!

Green Tea has long been praised for its health benefits, but when you ask someone “What are the health benefits exactly?” you often don’t get a solid response. I wanted to use today’s post to give you a brief list of some of the benefits that green tea has for your health. If anything from this list intrigues you, I’ve included links to other sites where you can read more about a certain benefit.

  1. Green Tea contains antioxidants
  2. Green Tea is known to aid healthy cells in all stages of growth
  3. Green Tea can lower cholesterol
  4. Green Tea can improve brain function and mood
  5. Green Tea contains an anti-inflammatory so can help reduce aches and pains
  6. Green Tea can help to lower blood sugar levels
  7. Green Tea bags can reduce the puffiness under your eyes

The list goes on, however some other benefits do not have enough studies to back them up. No matter what though, you can’t go wrong by drinking a cup of green tea!


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  1. tansyko says:

    Green tea is my favourite!

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