Snack Time!

Every day we struggle to make healthy choices while we’re out and about. The best way to be healthy is to PREPARE your food. We all know this, yet many times we choose to hit the snooze button one more time rendering us without enough time to pack a lunch… Darn!

I’ve found some staple items that I ALWAYS have on hand to make for healthy (and gluten-free) snacks while I’m at work. I’ve listed snacks that you can pretty much buy anywhere so it shouldn’t be a problem to find them at your local store.

  1. MadeGood Granola Bars
    • made with organic and all-natural ingredients,
    • no added sugar
    • DELICIOUS – I personally love the raspberry ones and the chocolate chip flavoured ones the best
  2. Christie’s Good Thins Rice Crackers (or any other low sodium rice crackers)
    • great for eating with dips like guacamole (you can make plenty of healthy versions or buy pre-made packages of guacamole from your store)
  3. Bolthouse Farms – Protein Plus (or similar)
    • you have to be careful about the amount of sugar in some of these, however if you’re in a HUGE rush, the protein in one cup will keep you full for quite some time
  4. PLAIN Greek Yogurt (any brand)
    • plain yogurt doesn’t have the added sugars, but it does have all the protein!
    • mix it with some gluten free granola (watch the sugar!) or with some berries or honey to give it a better taste!
    • You can meal-prep by dividing the large yogurt container into a bunch of single serving reusable containers and store them in your fridge so that you can grab one and go!
  5. Roasted and UNSALTED almonds
    • a handful of these will give you some added protein and curb your appetite for a while so you can hold back from reaching for that donut that your coworkers offered you…
    • I actually keep an entire container of these in my desk drawer so that I don’t ever have to worry about packing them from home

Of course you can always add fruit and veggies to your snack list, but I know that sometimes you just don’t have the time to cut and wash them before running out the door. If you can spare the time to pack some cut up veggies to your lunch – you and I both know that would be the best option!

Happy snacking people!


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