“B” tired? B12!

I’m often too forgetful to rely on taking any forms of supplements and vitamins, but lately I’ve been making it a priority to take Vitamin B12 on the daily and have noticed a huge difference in my energy levels. Since my last post was about caffeine, I figured I should probably write a post about a healthier way we can increase our energy. (Note: I don’t expect you to give up your cup of Joe every morning… but maybe give up that 4th cup that you know you shouldn’t have…?)

Vitamin B12 is naturally found in animal proteins – which is bad news for our vegan and vegetarian friends, however, they’re not the only ones at risk of being deficient. It is common that adults can have a difficult time absorbing B12 from their foods.

So why does B12 help our energy levels?

The metabolism of every cell in the body depends on vitamin B-12, as it plays a part in the synthesis of fatty acids and energy production. Vitamin B-12 enables the release of energy by helping the human body absorb folic acid.

How much B12 do we need?

The recommended daily intake (RDI) is about 2.4 mcg but slightly higher for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

How can I get more?

The obvious and most natural way is through your diet of course. Eating more meats, fish, and dairy products will certainly increase your intake (unless your body has problems absorbing it). However, if you’re looking to take a vitamin/supplement, I would recommend the Jamieson Spray B12 as I find it to be super easy and convenient. A simple spray under your tongue every morning (or before bed) is all you need! You might not notice a difference right away, but after consistently taking it for a week or so, you should notice a difference!

Please REMEMBER that NO amount of vitamins OR caffeine can replace having a proper amount of sleep!


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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips on getting more vitamin B12 in your daily diet. I tend to do a good job of getting it through my diet by I often worry about my vegan friends. That Jamieson spray sounds like a great alternative!


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